You can't rule over a fairytale kingdom without an iron-clad grip on the laws of the land, even if your castle keep is known as the "happiest place on earth", and you count Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck amongst your subjects.

Last week a visitor to Disneyland was issued a lifetime ban from the theme park for unfurling a political banner on the Mark Twain Riverboat ride. Dion Cini, 49 from New York, was ejected from the park along with his reading "Re-elect Trump 2020".

While it riled up the sentiment of fellow park visitors, both for and against the message – Cini was banned from Disneyland not on politics, but on park policy.

Believe it or not, there is an extensive written list of things and activities banned from the park.


Chiselled into the "prohibited activities" section of the Disney terms and conditions is the decree forbidding "the usage of any flag, banner or sign for commercial purposes, or to incite a crowd."

This was no first offence by Cini. The self-appointed 'Guerrilla marketer' had displayed Trump banners in the Florida theme park on three separate occasions. Disney finally issued the ban after Cini "flag drop" stunt on February 13th.

However, there are things other than Trump banners forbidden from Disneyland.

The fairest of them all? Guests are not allowed to dress up as Disney characters to avoid confusion. Photo / Getty Images
The fairest of them all? Guests are not allowed to dress up as Disney characters to avoid confusion. Photo / Getty Images

Here's a list of the most remarkable items and acts that can get you banned from the magical kingdom themed park.

Things banned at Disney theme parks

Thou shalt not roller skate

Wheeled shoes are banned from the park, as are scooters, skateboards and inline skates. These are on a long list of items deemed as banned recreational devices, which also includes drones and remote control toys.

Selfie sticks, be gone

Along with tripods and other camera accessories, Disney has rid its parks of selfie sticks.

No matter where you stand on the 'Trump 2020' banner, we can all agree we'd like to see this ban extended everywhere.

Pack not a folding chair

The often stationary lines outside park rides can be murder on the knees. You might think that a folding chair would help make the queuing up a little easier to bare, but you'd be wrong.


Pets – with notable exceptions

In a theme park run by cartoon mice and a menagerie of other animals, it might seem hypocritical to have banned pets from the park. However, Mickey and his anthropomorphic pals say no house pets. Though it might surprise you to know that "miniature horses" are one of the exceptions to this rule, providing your pint sized pony is an "approved service animal."

Costumes, masks or fancy dress

Should all guests arrive dressed as cartoon characters you could expect pandemonium.
However, the main reason is to stop illegal impersonators and con artists duping guests by posing as Disney workers.

Then again - it might be the injustice of other people earning money of their

Disney is notoriously fierce in its defense of IP rights. So much so that last year Hollywood Reporter wrote about a group of children's party performers taken to court in New York by the company for appearing as characters from franchises Star Wars and Frozen.

There are certain times when costume is allowed, such as Halloween events, however these are accompanied by strict guidelines set by the company.
For example, it is park policy that masks or costumes concealing patrons' faces are not to be worn by "guests aged 14 or older".

"Visible tattoos that could be considered as inappropriate" are also not permitted.