Will your favorite hot dog stand be getting an "A''?

New York City's iconic food carts are starting to get health department letter grades, giving on-the-go workers and tourists alike a quick reference for cleanliness and safety.

The city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene handed out the first batch of grades Friday to about two dozen of the city's more than 5000 food carts and trucks.

They're the same style placards that have been commonplace at restaurants, coffee shops and other establishments around the Big Apple for about a decade.


The city has always inspected food carts and flagged violations. The new report cards are the result of a law passed last June.

The city says it expects to have all carts and trucks graded within two years.

The food truck has become a staple of the New York street corner.

Since the humble "Wiener" hot dog stands to the more exotic offerings from kitchens on wheels, food on-the-go has been an integral part of the New York dining culture.

And these 'meals on wheels' have recently undergone a revolution.

The flexibility of the carts and high cost of Manhattan shop frontage has made food trucks the best way for tourists and kitchens try the latest food fads and culinary trends.

The new ratings will be a way of guaranteeing food safety, if not satisfaction.

For this we've put together a collection of the best NYC foodstalls and trucks around.

Five of the best: New York City food trucks

Hard Times Sundaes, Williamsburg

This burger truck (pronounced: "boy-gah" truck) has rolled up a loyal customer base in Brooklyn. Chef Andrew Zurica's signature 'triple stacked' patty is our kind of New York Skyrise.

The Cinnamon Snail, Midtown West

Mobile catering classics with a vegan twist: chef Adam Sobel has created cruelty-free masterpieces such as the colossal artichoke burger, seitan Korean barbecue and crème-less brulee.

El Rey del Taco, Astoria

Award-winning Mexican out the back of a truck. Atoria's premier late-night food stop is full of Mesoamerican tummy fillers - from traditional tamales and tortillas, to staples such as Philly cheese steaks.

Korilla BBQ, Downtown

The alarming sight of the tiger striped bus-turned-kitchen is accompanied by the smell of cooking bulgogi beef steak and vats of kimchi. The only thing more outrageous than the appearance of this BBQ on wheels is the flavour. Can't miss it.

Mysttik Masaala, Midtown West

Indian in a hurry, the food truck transports midtown Manhattan to the heart of Mumbai. The Mysttik Masaala serves up piping hot biryani and naan breads as fast as you can eat them.