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The GM of PGG Wrightson Real Estate Peter Newbold takes his monthly look at the state of the rural market with The Country's Jamie Mackay.


"There's been a big decline in the dairy sales, over this period and also if you look back on the previous year. On the other side of the scale there's been an increase in grazing blocks. So that's from small blocks up to support blocks on a dairy farm."


"In addition to that it has been quieter and there's been less activity than we probably predicted a couple of months ago."

Listen below:

Sheep and beef:

"It's been really strong ... those farmers are banking the returns at the moment. I think you'll see over time some of those [farmers] then putting them on the market after they've had a good run with their sheep and beef returns."


"I think it's still pretty good. We've seen now that those metropolitan areas have slowed and that top end of that market in the cities has also slowed. But the provinces I think are in good shape."

"I think provincial New Zealand is in a good space."

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