A small, but productive Papaiti Road property in Whanganui is far more than just a farm.
The 78-hectare (198-acre) sheep and beef block at 547 Papaiti Road is also a magical wonderland for families to grow.

With 4ha of easy country, 50ha of rolling and 18ha of steep hill contour, the unit has the infrastructure and scope to fatten all lambs raised on the property.

The infrastructure and considerable farming options aside, the property features a rural playground rarely assembled all in one place.

Silicon caves burrowing 100 metres into the hillsides, more than a dozen natural ponds, feral fallow deer roaming the back blocks, pheasants, ducks and peacocks joining the chorus of a multitude of native bird species that enjoy the sheer beauty of the native bush surrounds combine to create a wonderland to behold.


The current custodians have enjoyed raising a family in a paradise that embodies the very essence that is New Zealand and the home of the good keen man described so eloquently on the pages of the iconic Barry Crump novel.

The views too are simply stunning.

The infrastructure though, in farming terms, is impressive.

Fencing is predominantly permanent post and wire, while a two-bay storage shed, an enclosed storage shed and solid network of farm tracks, combined with the strategically-place sheep and cattle yards, lighten the farming load.

Bees are certainly another option on this compact, but well-designed block literally a few minutes drive from Whanganui central.

A cosy four bedroom, split level home simply adds to the major attractions 547 Papaiti Road has to offer.

Tenders close with For Farms Whanganui-based marketing agent David Cotton at 4pm, May 28.