Hawke's Bay pupils are working hard to bring their creations to life for the Hastings Blossom Parade this weekend.

This year's theme is "Show us your heART" and plenty of schools and organisations are preparing for the spring event.

Takah Early Childhood Centre's Rebecca Henare said a large group, including parents, students and teachers are creating a unique and floral float for the occasion.

It's the first time they've taken part.


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"I just thought why have we never taken part in this before? It's a great team exercise," she says.

"We've been creating big wooden hearts, and staff and parents have been taking them home and some children have been involved in decorating them. We're also making beautiful paper blossoms.

"We've got about 15 staff members and five or six families, so everyone is getting behind it all."

Henare is very much enjoying being part of the team-building exercise, despite the creation taking up most of her bedroom.

When it comes to their float, she says the idea behind it was a representation of the children they teach.

"The children are our hearts, that's going to be our slogan, so we've written it in all different languages.

"We've got it written in Samoan, Cook Islands, Maori and more. It pretty much represents the language of the children we have here at our school."


Hastings Central School have also been working tirelessly on their creation over the past few months and team leader Kate Simpson says it's going smoothly.

"The kids are doing big hearts and hand-made flowers for the float. It's a small group, we've been plodding along doing a few different pieces.

"We won't actually see the result until the day before because we don't get our vehicle until then."

Simpson said she came up with the idea of the material flowers and recycling, and the teachers decided to create one heart per class.

"There's nine classes and each heart represents what they love."

Simpson says she's taken part in the Blossom Parade on several occasions, but this is the first time she will be assisting Hastings Central School with their creations.

"This is a lot of work for Hastings Central School, so I was happy to volunteer to lead the creative side of things.

"The kids and the teachers from each classroom really wanted to create something from their heart, so that's what we've decided to do and I can't wait to see it all come together."

The Hastings Blossom Parade takes place on September 15.