Drivers had some unusual company in Wainuiomata in Lower Hutt this afternoon, when a car drove past others carrying another car on its roof.

Wellingtonian Lori Cowan was a passenger in a car when she looked out the window to the surprising sight.

She posted a photo of what she'd witnessed to Facebook, with the caption: "Only in Wainui, this is how they tow cars."

"I just thought 'what the hell?! Is that a car on top of a car?'," Cowan told the Herald.


"I couldn't believe it had to snap a photo, they had the bonnet popped up on the front for extra support I guess."

Photo / Lori Cowan
Photo / Lori Cowan

Cowan says there were no straps or ropes around the car to keep it safe, just the bonnet "propping it up".

She added that the car was "driving very slow and sticking to the left".

The photo received a flood of comments on Facebook as soon as it was posted, with many saying they were "impressed" by the level of ingenuity.

It is not known how the vehicle was placed on top of the other one - nor how they got it off at the other end.