Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay spoke to the soon-to-be President of Federated Farmers, Andrew Hoggard.

On with the show:

Andrew Hoggard:

We talk about the big farming stories of the day with the soon-to-be President of Federated Farmers. On today's menu - another $3m for drought relief, the prospect of a $6.50 dairy payout, migrant workers and Greenpeace having a crack at Fonterra.


Todd Muller:

National's new leader has been handed some political heads on a plate this week. We ask him if he's good enough to do something with this explosive ammunition. Plus we ponder whether the primary sector is getting its just dues at the Beehive?

Dane Coles:

Lashes once again takes us to the mountain top of the All Blacks top drawer for Farmside Footy. This week it's Dane Coles.

Chris Russell:

Our Australian correspondent says cheap lamb roasts are now off the menu as live sheep shipments return plus we look at the cost of their tit-for-tat trade tariff battle with China.

Listen below: