Buyers from Hawke's Bay, Manawatu and Taupo paid up to $165 for the first of the new-season's lambs at Stortford Lodge yesterday.

The southdown-cross terminal lambs were among a line of almost 1400 newly weaned lambs from Waikareao Station, Te Aute. The mixed-sex lambs ranged from $131 to $165.

The rest of the small sheep yarding was mostly hoggets with lambs at foot which were well up at week's yarding. The best of them made $121 all counted.

The feature of the cattle sale was the 104 outstanding homebred angus yearling bulls from Hindmarsh Farming, Crownthorpe.


The top line weighed 472kg and sold for $1700 or $3.60/kg.

Two-year-old friesian bulls also sold well with the best of them making $3.52/kg.


Cattle — cows, calves at foot: D Whitfield and Sons, Sherenden, 21 here-fries and simm-cross cows, 23 calves, av weight, 582kg, 274c/kg, $1600/head.

Cows: D Whitfield and Sons, Sherenden, 13 empty simm-cross, av weight, 406kg, 227c/kg, $925/head.

Steers: 2yr, JNJ Farms, Wairoa, 22 ang-cross, av weight, 543kg, 351c/kg, $1910/head; J and O Mitchell, Eskdale, 17 ang-here, av weight, 488kg, 343c/kg, $1680/head; Girvan Farm, Wanstead, 15 ang, av weight, 542kg, 359c/kg, $1950/head; Ngapua Agriculture Porangahau, nine ang, av weight, 506kg, 357c/kg, $1810/head; Mangarouhi Farm, Farm Rd, seven ang, av weight, 533kg, 356c/kg, $1900/head; Willow Tree Farm, Matapiro, seven here-fries, av weight, 490kg, 324c/kg, $1570/head; Canning Est, Porangahau, six ang, av weight, 356kg, 335c/kg, $1195/head. Yrling, Canning Est, Porangahau, 26 ang, av weight, 263kg, 425c/kg, $1120/head; 13 ang, av weight, 194kg, 432c/kg, $840/head; Mangaroa Farm, Rosser Rd, 10 here-fries, av weight, 302kg, 327c/kg, $900/head; Mattis Farming, Takapau, 28 ang-cross, av weight, 321kg, 348c/kg, $1118/head.
Bulls: D Whitfield and Sons, Sherenden, one three-year-old simm sire, weight, 760kg, 278c/kg, $2120/head. 2yr, H and J Powdrell, Wairoa, 20 fries, av weight, 460kg, 350c/kg, $1610/head; Pourere Station, Pourere, 23 fries, av weight, 480kg, 350c/kg, $1685/head; 19 fries, av weight, 469kg, 352c/kg, $1665/head; 30 fries, av weight, 473kg, 350c/kg, $1660/head; 30 fries, av weight, 474kg, 347c/kg, $1645/head; J and O Mitchell, Eskdale, 19 fries, av weight, 472kg, 350c/kg, $1655/head. Yrling, Hindmarsh Farming, Crownthorpe, 20 ang, av weight, 472kg, 360c/kg, $1700/head; 31 ang, av weight, 436kg, 361c/kg, $1575/head; 26 ang, av weight, 410kg, 360c/kg, $1468/head; 27 ang, av weight, 413kg, 355c/kg, $1470/head; Glenora Holdings, Takapau, 25 here, av weight, 336kg, 410c/kg, $1380/head; 12 here, av weight, 357kg, 326c/kg, $1170/head; 23 here-cross, av weight, 286kg, 332c/kg, $952/head; J Lorck, Waipukurau, 10 fries, av weight, 272kg, 317c/kg, $865/head; Mattis Farming, Takapau, five fries, av weight, 405kg, 286c/kg $1160/head; RTC Farming, Ongaonga, 10 ang rigs, av weight, 309kg, 297c/kg, $920/head. Wnr, D Whitfield and Sons, Sherenden, five ang, av weight, 141kg, 315c/kg, $445/head.

Heifers: 2yr, J and O Mitchell, Eskdale, 27 ang, av weight, 444kg, 353c/kg, $1570/head; 10 ang-here,, av weight, 367kg, 321c/kg, $1180/head; E and A Powdrell, Wairoa, 26 here, av weight, 377kg, 310c/kg, $1170/head; Okare Station, Wairoa, 11 ang, av weight, 360kg, 325c/kg, $1170/head; Lazy Acres, Puketapu, five dairy- cross, av weight, 388kg, 224c/kg, $870/head; D Byrne and M Brown, Tangoio, 11 ang-cross, av weight, 420kg, 328c/kg, $1380/head; G and T Farming, Bush Rd, five here-fries-ang, av weight, 426kg, 323c/kg, $1380/head; G and D Sedcole, Dannevirke, eight here-fries, av weight, 393kg, 300c/kg, $1180/head; Gibb Aero, Maraetotara, five here-fries, av weight, 485kg, 317c/kg, $1450/head; Ngapua Agriculture, Porangahau, 18 ang-cross, av weight, 410kg, 326c/kg, $1340/head; Drager P/ship, Te Pohue, nine here-cross, av weight, 411kg, 318c/kg, $1310/head; nine here-cross, av weight, 398kg 302c/kg, $1205/head. Yrling, Willow Tree Farm, Matapiro, 26 here-fries, av weight, 342kg, 313c/kg, $1075/head; JNJ Farms, Wairoa, 14 ang-cross, av weight, 301kg, 339c/kg, $1025/head; Canning Est, Porangahau, nine ang, av weight, 197kg, 375c/kg, $740/head; five ang, av weight, 155kg 322c/kg, $500/head; Alco P/ship, Poukawa, 15 here-fries, av weight, 256kg, 321c/kg, $825/head; C Hutchison, Te Aute, nine here-fries, av weight, 226kg, 318c/kg, $720/head.

Sheep — ewes, lambs at foot: Bay Stock, Turamoe Rd, 36 hoggets, 42 lambs, $113; 30 hoggets, 31 lambs, $121; 30- hoggets, 39 lambs, #119.50; Monk P/ship, Waipawa, eight ewes, 10 lambs, $115.


Lambs: Waikareao Station, Te Aute, 226 m/s, $165; 202 m/s, $157.50; 404 m/s, $144.50; 205 m/s, $139.50; 341 m/s, $131.

Prime sale

High prices for quality offerings in all classes were the feature of Monday's sale.

Ewe prices rose in line with an improvement on the quality of the last few weeks and the best of them made $222. A pair of heavy shorn wethers reached $248.

In the lamb section the good news continued for lambs which met specifications. The best of the male lambs made $235 and the best ewe lambs $220.

The big cattle yarding of 88 head also sold well with the feature being a pen of 587kg angus oxen making $3.19/kg or $1874/head. A pen of hereford-friesian heifers weighing in at 613kg made $3.07/kg.


Cattle — cows: (Fries, ang, fries-cross) Av weight, 465kg to 559kg, 217c/kg to 244c/kg, $1045/head to $1299/head.

Heifers: (Ang, here-fries, fries-cross, fries) Av weight, 438kg to 613kg, 251c/kg to 307c/kg, $1228/head to $1881/head.

Oxen: (ang-cross, here-fries, jersey-cross) Av weight, 463kg to 815kg, 271c/kg to 319c/kg, $1348/head to $2532/head.

Bull: rig, (Ang) weight, 500kg, 520kg, 316.5c/kg, 321c/kg, $1605/head, $1645/head.
Sheep — ewes: Slipe, heavy, $202 to $222; good, $178 to $201; med, $165 to $176.50; lighter, $111 to $159; woolly, med, $162 to $165; shorn, heavy, $217; b/f wethers, $240, $248.

Lambs: Male, $159 to $235.50; b/f, $210. Ewe, $173 to $220, b/f, $184.50. M/s, b/f, $166, $216.