Today on The Country, due to a handwriting error Jamie Mackay and Rowena Duncum can't work out whether there is a sudden stratospheric warming in Antarctica ... or warning. Monday's resident weather expert Phil Duncan investigates.

On with the show:

Phil Duncan:

Monday's resident weather expert has a crack at NIWA and dismisses the prospect of a looming "Sudden Stratospheric Warming" weather event over Antarctica heading our way.


Don Nicolson and Andy Thompson:

Today's panel features a former President of Federated Farmers and a former West Coast cow cocky.

Morgan Easton:

We head to North Otago to yarn to the 2017 Zanda McDonald Award winner and he encourages other young (18-35) leaders in agriculture to enter the 2020 Awards which close on Friday (August 30).

Dr. Doug Edmeades:

Is an outspoken Hamilton-based soil scientist who's more than happy to proclaim himself a climate change denier!

Katie Milne:

The President of Federated Farmers endorses the IHC Calf Scheme and refuses to deny climate change.


Listen below: