Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay caught up with Professor Peter Dearden to talk about how gene editing could help New Zealand agriculture.

On with the show:

Prof Peter Dearden:

We discuss Gene Editing 101 for Dummies and how it could aid in the fight against climate change with the Director, Genomics Aotearoa, at the University of Otago. He says NZ agriculture needs to make trade-offs and sell it self as not necessarily 'clean and green' but rather as the leading 'low carbon footprint' farming nation of the world.


Simon Bridges:

In the absence of Jacinda Ardern we ask National's leader to fill in for the day and whether he wants to fill in fulltime - now that Mike Hosking has said he's starting to look like a PM.

Jim Hopkins:

Is a rural raconteur who talks comedy, gene editing and the fate of Fonterra - in a sensible and sensitive manner.

Chris Brandolino:

NIWA's weather forecaster says, despite the sting in winter's tail, we can expect an average to warmer than average spring.

Listen below: