The great outdoors and Te Ranga School go hand in hand.

Well-known throughout the country for its annual Pig and Possum Hunt, the event supports and strengthens the links between the school and its surroundings.

The owners of a neighbouring property have given the school permission to use the block of bush on their land close to the school as a bush classroom.

''Our bush classroom will be a structured environment where students can build huts, dig holes, slide down the hills and generally learn through play,'' says principal Brendan Wilson.


''We also wish to include a mountain bike loop. We will use the bush classroom to promote ecological and sustainability sound practices.''

''We are also focused on creating the best bush classroom in New Zealand."

This year's Pig and Possum Hunt starts with the weigh-in and count up part of Sunday's gala, starting at 9am.

It will be the 22nd time the pig and possum hunt has been held.

The gala will feature games, with the toilet roll toss and slingshot shoot new games this year.

The school's PTA is behind the creation of a large, permanent water slide at the back of the school and is auctioning the chance to be the first person to "ride the slide" when it is finished.

Anyone can have a go at toss the poss - not using a real possum - and the Killer Hill pig run where runners carry a pig on a section of the school cross country course.

There is also a race for kids who have one or two possums to carry.


Money raised will also go towards new furniture and fitting out the new classrooms being built at the school.