Today on The Country, Dr Jacqueline Rowarth and Don Nicolson discuss Hollywood director James Cameron's comments that Kiwis should move to a plant-based diet.

On with the show:

Phil Duncan:

Monday's resident weather expert has a chilly forecast even though he's wearing a t-shirt!


Don Nicolson and Dr. Jacqueline Rowarth:

Today's panel takes a titanic swipe of Hollywood A-Lister and American interloper, James Cameron, who's piously and pompously preaching to New Zealanders that they must convert to a plant-based diet.

Jerome Wenzlick:

Arguably the biggest success story at Fieldays was the winner of the Agricultural Innovation Award, a man who's invented the 'Future Post' - made entirely from recycled plastic.

Lewis Nichols:

We catch up with the man who took home more than $20,000 worth of prices when he won the 2019 Rural Catch title at Fieldays. He also talks about this passion for rural mental health.

Listen below: