Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay spoke to Wairoa farmer David Read about how forestry is threatening the future of sheep and beef farming.

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David Read:

This Wairoa farmer says he has seen a big jump in the price of farmland, as cashed-up purchasers have bought 10,000 ha of pasture land for conversion to forestry. He believes this is being repeated up and down the country and threatens the future of sheep and beef farming and the small rural towns and communities that depend on it.


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Simon Bridges:

National's under-fire leader denies he's back the wrong horse with "slushy-gate" when there's controversial issues such as the Zero Carbon Bill, legalising cannabis and the performance of Speaker Trevor Mallard to get stuck into.

Chris Russell:

Our Australian correspondent says Israel Falou has now become an election issue with nine sleeps to go. We also talk climate change and long-life, 60-day fresh milk.

Tony Marshall:

The resident tax expert from our accounting partners Findex talks about some of the other 96 potential tax implications from the Tax Working Group now that CGT has been kicked to touch.