Competition for Hawke's Bay centre sheep dog titles is wide open, with no dog having had more than one win in the area's six club trials so far this season.

The sharing of titles continued at Wairoa last Friday and Saturday, when a feature was the zig zag hunt win by Anthony Hughes and Chop, making Hughes only the triallist to win more than one title, with one more trial, at Mohaka tomorrow and Saturday before centre championships in conjunction with the Olrig-Tiokino trials next week.

Dog Scott, who won the Wairoa club's long head title last weekend, pictured during last year's North Island championships at Te Aute.
Dog Scott, who won the Wairoa club's long head title last weekend, pictured during last year's North Island championships at Te Aute.

Hughes had the previous week won the straight Hunt at Patoka with Joe.

The only other triallist to win two events in Hawke's Bay this season is Becs Baynes, who won the zig zag with Tom at the Waimarama Maraetotara trials on February 8-9, and another zig zag title with Jazz at Patoka.


RESULTS from recent sheep dog trials in the Hawke's Bay centre:
* Takapau (Feb 16-17)

Long head: Howard Ingles, Lou, 96.5pts, 1; Charlie Lee, Sheila, 96pts, 2; Jeremy Berry, Turbo, 95.5pts, 3; Graham Duff, Jess, 95pts, 4; Chris Redmond, Dee, 94.5pts, 5. Intermediate — Chris Redmond, Dee; maiden — Kevin O'Connor, Pat.

Short head and yard: Fergus McLean, Spec, 98pts, 1; Dave Wallace, Blue, 97.5pts, 2; Sheena Martin, Troy, 97pts, 3; Nigel Clark, Jan, 96.5pts, 4; Charlie Lee, Sheila, 96pts, 5. Intermediate and Maiden — Peter Williams, Ike.

Zig zag hunt: Tom Nimmo, Kate, 95.5pts, 1; Clark Chrystal, Nell, 95pts, 2; Simon Prouting, Vince, 94pts, 3; James Hemepo, Ruby, 93.5pts, 4; Jack Murray, Phill, 92pts, 5. Intermediate — Tom Nimmo, Kate. Maiden — Jack Murray, Phill.

Straight hunt: Sam Bishop, Cody, 94pts, 1; Grant Magee, Bell, 93pts, 2; Simon Prouting, Roe, 92pts, 3; Simon Prouting, Vince, 91pts, 4; Grant Magee, Bloke,90pts, 5. Intermediate — Grant Magee, Bell. Maiden — Peter Williams, Frank.

*Te Pohue (Feb 22-23)

Long head: Guy Peacock, Chief, 98pts, 1; Chris Redmond, Watch, 97.5pts, 2; Aaron Morton, Tarn, 97pts, 3; Wayne Smith, Lynn, 96.5pts, 4; Dylan Rofe, Risk, 96.5pts, 5. Intermediate — Wayne Smith, Lynn; maiden — Mark Loye, Sting.

Short head and yard: Sheena Martin, Troy, 98pts, 1; Scott Hussey, Glenn, 96.5pts, 2; Kevin O'Connor, Pat, 96pts, 3; Guy Peacock, Chief, 95.5pts, 4; Jim Wilson, Cap, 94pts.


Intermediate — Scott Hussey, Glenn; maiden — Guy Peacock, Slim.

Zig zag hunt: Ben Thomas, Knight, 97.5pts, 1; Mark Loye, Law, 96.5pts, 2; Paul Whiteside, Sarge, 96.25pts, 3; Stu McNeill, Spur, 96pts, 4; Mark Murphy, Ben, 95.75pts, 5.
Intermediate — Mark Loye, Law; maiden — Paul Whiteside, Sarge.

Straight hunt: Mark Loye, Rich, 96.75pts, 1; Mark Loye, Law, 96.25pts, 2; Dylan Rofe, Thump, 96pts, 3; S Campbell, Cloud, 95.5pts, 4; Fraser Taylor, Waite, 95.25pts, 5. Intermediate — Mark Loye, Law. Maiden — S Campbell, Cloud.

* Patoka (March 1-2)

Long head: Bob Bruce, Cheat, 94pts, 1; Henry Gaddum, Ming, 93pts, 2; Howard Ingles, Lou, 92pts, 3; Kevin O'Connor, Jax, 91pts, 4; Jeremy Berry, Turbo, 90pts, 5. Intermediate and maiden — J Middlemiss, Grace.

Short head and yard: Jim Wilson, Jed,93.5pts, 1; John Foss, Dell, 89.5pts, 2; Tom Manson, Pip, 86.5pts, 3; Scott Wedd. Molly, 86pts, 4; Howard Ingles, Lou, 85pts, 5. Intermediate and Maiden — Scott Wedd, Molly.

Zig zag hunt: Becs Baynes, Jazz, 96.75pts, 1; J Arnold, Sean, 96.5pts, 2; Stu McNeill, Stock, 96.25pts, 3; Samantha Shaw, Breeze, 96pts, 4; Samantha Shaw, Bull, 95.75pts, 5. Intermediate — Becs Baynes, Jazz. Maiden — J Arnold, Sean.

Straight hunt: Anthony Hughes, Chop, 97.5pts, 1; Becs Baynes, Jazz, 97pts, 2; Ben Te Kahika, Rogue, 96.5pts, 3; J Reinhardt, Day, 96pts, 4; Dan Jury, Chrystal, 95.5pts, 5. Intermediate — Becs Baynes, Jazz. Maiden — Rocky Hawkins, Box.

* Wairoa (March 8-9)

Long head: John Macpherson, Scott, 96pts, 1; Larry Hoole, Dawn, 95pts, 2; Samantha Shaw, Stream, 94.5pts, 3; Paul Williams, Trump, 94pts, 4; Sheena Martin, Stretch, 93.5pts, 5. Intermediate — Larry Hoole, Dawn; Maiden — Sheena Martin, Stretch.

Short head and yard: Scott Wedd, Dale, 95.5pts, 1; Dave Wallace, Amp, 95pts, 2; Annie Flood, Ginny, 94pts, 3; Chris Redmond, Dee, 92pts, 4; Henry Gaddum, Tau, 91.5pts, 5. Intermedia — Scott Wedd, Dell. Maiden — Dave Wallace, Amp.

Zig zag hunt: Anthony Hughes, Joe, 96pts, 1; Clark Chrystal, Duke, 95pts, 2; Becs Baynes, Scooby, 94pts, 3; Fraser Taylor, Waite, 93.5pts, 4; Dave Scragg, Jill, 93.25pts, 5.
Intermediate — Anthony Hughes, Joe. Maiden — Angus Twigley, Bear.

Straight hunt: N George, Flow, 97.5pts, 1; Jono Neilson Jack, 97pts, 2; N George, Cribb, 96.5pts, 3; Micheal McMillan, Jewel, 96.25pts, 4; N Bradley, Bruce, 96pts, 5. Intermediate — Jono Neilson, Jack. Maiden — N Bradley, Bruce.

* Remaining Hawke's Bay trials: March 16-17, Mohaka; March 22-23: Tikokino-Olrig and Hawke's Bay Centre Championships; March 29-30, Petane; April 5-6, Okawa; April 12-13, Taradale; April 26-27, Te Aute.