Despite the biosecurity plan in place for M. bovis, Kōrakonui School hosted two successful agricultural days with only lambs and goats.

The school was the only one of eight in the Te Awamutu Boys and Girls Club group to hold an Ag Day.

Puahue School was the only school in the Eastern Zone to hold a school day, so for Group Day, Kōrakonui invited Eastern Zone schools to a combined group day held at Kōrakonui, attracting over 80 entries from 12 schools.

Honeyfield family - Eden, Gemma and Nathan - of Kōrakonui School in the Group of Three. Photo / Debbie Burrell
Honeyfield family - Eden, Gemma and Nathan - of Kōrakonui School in the Group of Three. Photo / Debbie Burrell

Organisers said it it was a wonderful day and they were glad to be able to host everyone to keep the Ag Day fever alive.


They are hopeful the bio security plans will be lifted and it will be business as usual next year.

Te Awamutu Boys and Girls/Eastern Zone Combined Group Day at Kōrakonui School: Participating schools — Kōrakonui (KOR), St Patrick's (StP), Te Awamutu Intermediate, (TAI), Te Awamutu Primary (TAP), Pekerau (PEK), Pōkuru (POK), Waipā Christian School (WCS), Puahue (PUA), Arohena (ARO), Pukeatua (PUK), Home Schooled (HS).

Sharing the knowledge at Ag Day.
Sharing the knowledge at Ag Day.


Most Obvious Pet, Sub-Junior:

Caleb Fransen (HS), 1; Max Watkinson (KOR), 2; Paige FitzGerald (KOR), 3; Braxton van der Poel (StP), 4; Riley Dimery (TAP), 5. Junior: Millie Watson (PUK), 1; Jed Lee (PUA), 2; Nicolaas van Hout (KOR), 3; Josiah Fransen (HS), 4; Toby Lee (PUA), 5.

Intermediate: Aviva Mudge (HS), 1; Lucas Dennison-Hindrup (ARO), 2; Layla van Hout (KOR), 3; Kyla Ramsey (KOR), 4; Bryn Lee (PUA), 5.

Senior: Ruth Downs (TAP), 1; Alyssa White (TAI), 2; Myah Waugh (KOR), 3; Scarlet Smith (PUA), 4; Benjamin Turner (TAI), 5.

Champion: Caleb Fransen; Reserve: Ruth Downs.


Leading, Sub-Junior: Owen Gower (KOR), 1; Paige FitzGerald, 2; Hunter McGillivray (KOR), 3; Max Watkinson, 4; Braxton van der Poel, 5. Junior: Eden Honeyfield (KOR), 1; Lily Hayward (PUA), 2; Rebecca Turner (PUA), 3; Gemma Honeyfield (KOR), 4; Ella Mandeno (KOR), 5.

Intermediate: Kyla Ramsey, 1; Aviva Mudge, 2; Eden Morris (KOR), 3; Blake Gower (KOR), 4; Caitlyn Turner (PUA), 5. Senior: Katelyn Towers (PUA), 1; Emjay Furniss (TAI), 2; Benjamin Turner, 3; Ruth Downs, 4; Alyssa White, 5.

Champion: Eden Honeyfield; Reserve: Katelyn Towers.

Group of Three: Owen, Natalee, Blake Gower (KOR), 1; Alyssa White, Emjay Furniss, Katelyn Towers (TAI), 2; Nathan, Eden, Gemma Honeyfield (KOR), 3; Eden Morris, Kyla Ramsey, Myah Waugh (KOR), 4; Layla, Nicolaas, Ruby van Hout (KOR), 5.

Rearing, Sub-Junior, Early: Paige FitzGerald (KOR), 1; Max Watkinson (KOR), 2; Riley Dimery (TAP), 3; Zachary Mudge (HS), 4; Hunter McGillivray (KOR), 5.

Late: Owen Gower (KOR), 1; Mikayla Sicely Waipa C, 2; Braxton van der Poel (StP), 3; Ruby van Hout (KOR), 4; Sophie Mandeno (KOR), 5.


Junior, Early: Jed Lee (PUA), 1; Eden Honeyfield (KOR), 2; Gemma Honeyfield (KOR), 3; Toby Lee (PUA), 4; Lily Hayward (PUA), 5.

Late: Natalee Gower (KOR), 1; Nicolaas van Hout (KOR), 2; Josiah Fransen (HS), 3; Ella Mandeno (KOR), 4; Zac Wing (ARO), 5.

Intermediate, Early: Nathan Honeyfield (KOR), 1; Nicole Kinston (PUA), 2; Bryn Lee (PUA), 3; Kyla Ramsey (KOR), 4; Eden Morris (KOR), 5.

Late: Blake Gower (KOR), 1; Aviva Mudge (HS), 2; Layla van Hout (KOR), 3; Lucas Dennison-Hindrup (ARO), 4.

Senior, Early: Scarlet Smith (PUA), 1; Katelyn Towers (PUA), 2; Benjamin Turner (TAI), 3. Late: Alyssa White (TAI), 1; Johanna Downs (TAI), 2; Ruth Downs (TAP), 3; Emjay Furniss (TAI), 4; Myah Waugh (KOR), 5.

Champion, Early: Paige FitzGerald; Reserve: Nathan Honeyfield.


Champion, Late: Blake Gower; Reserve: Alyssa White.

Junior: Lucy FitzGerald (KOR), 1; Samantha Ryan (KOR), 2; Hayley Carter (PUA), 3; Sam Gower (POK), 4; Sophie Pratt (PUA), 5.

Senior: Ashton Neilson (TAI), 1; Grace Gower (POK), 2; Summer Korkie (TAI), 3; Olivia van Boven (TAI), 4; Kaelyn Strawbridge (StP), 5.

Champion: Lucy FitzGerald; Reserve: Samantha Ryan.

Obstacle Course, Junior: Sam Gower, 1; Hayley Carter, 2; Kaylee Pratt (PUA), 3; William Tate-North (PUA), 4; Emmalee Pevreal (KOR), 5.

Senior: Hayden Pratt (PUA), 1; Aleeshya Pevreal (KOR), 2; Ashlee Strawbridge (StP), 3; Amy Davidson (TAI), 4; Summer Korkie, 5.


Champion: Hayden Pratt: Reserve: Sam Gower.

Rearing, Junior, Early: Kaylee Pratt, 1; Samantha Ryan, 2; Tom Stacey (KOR), 3; Hayley Carter, 4; William Tate-North, 5.

Late: Lucy FitzGerald, 1; Emmalee Pevreal, 2; Kees van der Poel (StP), 3. Senior, Early: Summer Korkie, 1; Ashlee Strawbridge, 2; Stephanie Ryan (KOR), 3; Charlie Storey (PUA), 4; Ben Ryan (KOR), 5.

Late: Crystal FitzGerald (KOR), 1; Ashton Neilson, 2; Aleeshya Pevreal, 3; Brya Comins (KOR), 4; Samantha Comins (KOR), 5.

Champion, Early Goat Summer Korkie; Reserve: Kaylee Pratt.

Champion, Late: Lucy FitzGerald;


Reserve: Crystal FitzGerald.

Group of Three: Summer Korkie, Olivia van Boven, Amy Davidson (TAI), 1; Kaylee, Sophie and Hayden Pratt (PUA), 2; Kaelyn and Ashlee Strawbridge, Kees van der Poel (StP), 3; Stephanie, Ben and Samantha Ryan (KOR), 4; Sam Comins, Emmalee and Aleeshya Pevreal (KOR), 5.