Business confidence is the lowest it has been since the global financial crisis of 2007/2008. Is this because the Labour Government is "putting the scarers" up private enterprise?

The Country's Jamie Mackay put this question to Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters on today's show. Peters disagrees, saying the survey doesn't reflect real business numbers in New Zealand.

"Do you know how many businesses ... or enterprises there are in this country? There are 500,000 and the survey you're talking about is done by 1000. So 499,000 didn't get asked and you're giving me the opinion of 1000. Frankly, they should get over themselves. We're not going to be intimidated by that sort of cock and bull story."

Listen below:

"Let's have a little bit less of this bulldust and cockamamie behaviour and get on with being real," says Peters.


Also in today's interview: Jamie and Winston Peters talk about strikes, the waka-jumping bill and agree to disagree about Sir John Key's business nous.