A truck driver on his first trip to Whanganui caused major delays after getting stuck on the Dublin Street bridge while delivering large water tanks.

The driver was following a pilot vehicle to the delivery location and didn't realise he wouldn't fit over the bridge until it was too late.

No way to go further, and traffic backed up behind. Photo / Catherine Hayward
No way to go further, and traffic backed up behind. Photo / Catherine Hayward

Constable Ian Deane from Whanganui police's commerical vehicle safety team was on the scene.

"He's a little bit big to get under," he said.


"The bridge stands at 3.7 high and it just ... got a little bit tight I suppose it's safe to say."

Constable Deane said he hadn't decided whether to give the driver a ticket or let him off with a warning.

"First time here for him ... it was a little bit of a hindrance to people but otherwise we live and learn. Just unfortunate at this time of the day.

"Obviously taking heed of the signs that are on the bridge and also on the approaches to the bridge will be the advice."

The tanks were on their way to a client of Drainworld Wanganui.

Chris Mackay who's a manager at Drainworld said the driver was on his way to the client's house.

"He's been led the wrong way coming across the bridge.

"He's met the client. The client's done the right thing and given him a pilot vehicle to follow basically.


"Without thinking he's come across the bridge without remembering this truck's got a tall load."

Mackay was happy to see the situation resolved without serious incident.

"By the time I got here he had already got across the bridge. I know it's a bit of a traffic disruption but thankfully nothing was damaged and no one was hurt."