River water quality around the country has seen a marked improvement in the last decade according to the latest data released by Land, Air, Water Aotearoa (LAWA)

Canterbury-based Environmental Consultant for LandSavvy Megan Hands spoke to The Country's Rowena Duncum about the report and what has changed over the past ten years to bring about a positive result.

"There's been a really concerted effort from farmers and from regulators to make improvements here...there's still lots more work to do but there's been huge ground made in the last ten, fifteen years."

River water quality is not just a rural issue and Hands believes urban sectors are not celebrating the report as it reflects on a possible lack of action in comparison.


"People often don't want to celebrate things or stick their head above the parapet when they know they've got their own house to sort out as well."

Also in today's interview: Hands discusses changes in the trend in nitrogen in waterways, how farmers are helping to improve river quality and what's in store for the future.

Listen below: