If you want better, more profitable results from your new grass this autumn, it might be a good idea to try and slow down the pasture renewal process, according to New Zealand Agriseeds.

Following these guidelines at right could add years to the life of new pasture, says pasture systems manager Will Henson.

"The question we ask farmers is this: if we offered you three more years of pasture persistence in exchange for you spending an extra two weeks getting pasture establishment perfect, would you take it?"

Many farmers are time poor in autumn, meaning pasture establishment can often be rushed, but Will says this is one job that will reward you for taking the time to get it right.


"When it is done right, sowing new grass and clover gives a return on investment few other areas of farm spending can match, as much as 50 per cent per annum. That's because it provides tonnes of extra high quality feed for as little as 10c/kg DM."