A large yarding of mainly crossbred type wool at last week's Christchurch wool sale had the market continue on firm ground compared with the previous sale.

Most types recorded steady rises, 35 micron and stronger most affected. Lamb's wool also continued to receive active demand from buyers seeking to fill orders.

Season highs were gained for a small offering of late-season merino wool, PGG Wrightson Wool's South Island sales team said.

Roger Fuller, of CP Wool, said the low passings were encouraging as most growers met the market.


Preparation was still very important and fault and discoloured wool needed to be removed from the better lines.

A high percentage of cotted wool was appearing and that should be removed to a separate line as well, he said.

A range of prices. —Waimara Ltd (Waikouaiti), seven bales of Romney lambs AA, 28.6 micron, 79.3% yield, 476 greasy, 600 clean; John Tombs (Middlemarch), six bales Corriedale AA, 28.4 micron, 68.2% yield, 549 greasy, 805 clean; R Ruxton (Outram), 35 bales crossbred AA, 35.9 micron, 76.7% yield, 251 greasy, 327 clean; Creekside Farms Ltd (Ranfurly), 20 bales Perendale lambs AA, 29.5 micron, 77.8% yield, 411 greasy, 528 clean; Roy Partnership (Otago), seven bales Coopworth AA, 38.3 micron, 72.3% yield, 231 greasy, 320 clean; N and S Craig (Otago), 30 bales crossbred AA, 35.4 micron, 73% yield, 246 greasy, 337 clean; Awakea Ltd (Otago), 46 bales crossbred AA, 37.3 micron, 73.1% yield, 241 greasy, 330 clean; Collie Farming Ltd (Otago), 29 bales crossbred, 37.5 micron, 75% yield, 241 greasy, 321 clean; P and R Shanks (Otago), 10 bales Perendale, 34.9 micron, 77.3% yield, 261 greasy, 338 clean; Hopehill (Otago), 12 bales Romney lambs, 29.5 micron, 78% yield, 439 greasy, 563 clean; I D Willocks (Otago), 23 bales crossbred lambs, 30.3 micron, 76.7% yield, 373 greasy, 486 clean.