Woodville sharemilker and equity farmer Ben Allomes says his cows are in the best condition, after a "great" April.

Allomes, New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards chairman, DairyNZ director and winner of the Sharemilker of the Year title in 2008, told the Dannevirke News that although he wondered when the rain would stop, he had a plan to get through.

Most dairy farmers need 200kg of feed cover for each hectare and although many don't have that because of the weather, Allomes said there are ways to get through.

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"We've had double our average rainfall, between 80mm up to 100mm, month-after-month," he said.


"At least alternate feed sources are cheap and the Fonterra payout is up, so there's no reason any farmer's cows should be underfed.

"At this time of the year it's important to protect your pasture and look after your cows."

Allomes and wife Nicky have 800 cows as part of an equity partnership, as well as 550 they sharemilk at Woodville.

On the equity partnership farm at Ruawhata, a recognised flood plain where more than 153 stock (not owned by Allomes) drowned during the 2004 floods, he said fences were being repaired after the recent storms.

"Everything is saturated," he said.

"But I'm very happy with the cows, the farm is wet, but we are well set up as we could be.

"And at least we've a bit of money from the lift in payout."