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Hot weather has made conditions "fairly crispy" in the upper North Island says Sharon Morrell.

"Our farmers are definitely finding that it's dry" DairyNZ's Upper North Island regional team leader told The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum.

These conditions bring challenges for farmers, especially when caring for and feeding stock. This is where using supplements can be beneficial said Morrell.


"Many [farmers] have got good stocks of supplement that they put away over the springtime ... so they are feeding out to top up their pasture offerings".

With the warm weather set to continue, farmers should consider feeding supplements in the evening or early morning, "not through the heat of the day" said Morrell.

"Breaking [supplements] down is what generates more heat for the cows internally".

Other options included offering shade for cows and altering milking frequencies so they don't have to deal with heat during the day.

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"When it is very dry and hot you can't necessarily keep the feed supply as good as you would like it to be, but you can manage the impact of the heat on your cows" said Morrell.

"Farmers do love to feel like they're actually taking proactive steps to do something good for their girls".

Find out more information on protecting cows from heat on DairyNZ's website here.