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Fonterra farmers think the He Waka Eke Noa partnership is "the right way to approach things" says Mike Cronin.

Fonterra's Managing Director of Co-operative Affairs spoke to The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum about the plan, which the Government announced last week.

Part of He Waka Eke Noa was that the Government and industry would work together to find pricing mechanisms for on-farm emissions in 2025, alternative to the ETS.


The emissions pricing mechanism was only part of the picture when it came to tackling climate change, said Cronin.

"Emissions pricing is going to be an important part of it, but it's also all the other things that we're going to do ... to meet our strategy".

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This involved improving on-farm emission monitoring tools, increasing greenhouse gas reducing technology and developing plans which included a climate module.

"It's a chance to stand back and go how do we actually make change on farm and react to some of the issues that we're up against" said Cronin.

Also in today's interview: Cronin talked about the "pretty weighty submission" Fonterra sent in for the Government's Essential Freshwater plan.