Today on The Country, Rowena and Lashes welcome The Muster's Andy Thompson as he keeps an eye on them in the studio while Jamie Mackay is overseas on the Farming and Footy Tour.

On with the show:

Phil Duncan:

Monday's resident weather forecaster says it's going to be a "bit rough" this week.


Don Fraser:

The man behind Fraser Farm Finance takes another look at how the rural banking system deals with farmers and asks what is driving New Zealand's low productivity.

Steve Wyn-Harris and Grant McCallum:

Today's panel features a Central Hawke's Bay sheep farmer and a Northland cow cocky who talk about the Fonterra MyConnect Conference and Winston Peters.

Jamie Mackay:

We catch up with The Country host in China for an update on how the Farming and Footy Tour is progressing.

Peter Cullinane:

We head to Houston, Texas to chat to the founder of Lewis Road Creamery and find out what the boutique producer is doing to mark Recycling Week NZ which kicks off today.


Martin Devlin:

Ro's favourite person wraps the weekend's Rugby World Cup action before he heads off to Japan tomorrow.

Listen below: