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Judith Swales says Fonterra would like to see some changes in the Government's Essential Freshwater package.

The co-op is focusing on the "specific methods" proposed in the plan, Fonterra's CEO for Asia Pacific told The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum

"The parts that directly impact farming practices, including the introduction of the five metre setback, use of the Overseer to manage nitrogen leaching, and to new winter grazing centres".


Fonterra was supportive of the overall goals of the Essential Freshwater package said Swales, but still encouraged farmers to give their feedback - "especially outlining the impacts or effects that the action plan may have on their farm".

Listen below:

The co-op had released two Freshwater plan podcasts, hosted by Fonterra's Director of Farm Source Richard Allen and GM for Sustainable Dairying, Matt Cullen.

The first was to help farmers understand the proposed changes, and the second outlined Fonterra's position on them.

Perhaps most importantly the podcasts were short and informative, as "everybody knows our farmers don't have time to sit behind computer screens" said Swales.

Farmers can listen on the Farm Source website here.

Also in today's interview: Swales went into more detail on the co-op's position on fencing setbacks and talked about an interesting partnership between Anmum and Ecostore.