Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay spoke to North Otago farmer Jane Smith, who had a list of things she thought people should actually be protesting against.

On with the show:

Jane Smith:

Is a North Otago farmer and a former winner of the Balance Farm Environment Awards, who's up in arms over protesters up in arms! In response she has come up with "Smasher Smith's Protest List" - a list of things she wants to protest against.


Cameron Bagrie:

Is a former chief economist of one of the big four Aussie trading banks who goes in to bat for a former chief economist of another, Adrian Orr, these days the Reserve Bank Governor who's taking on the Aussie Banks. We also look at the exchange rate, interest rates and the resurgence in the Fonterra share price.

Mike Chapman:

The chief executive of Horticulture NZ warns of escalating prices for fruit and vegetables under the government's proposed new environmental policies.

Angela Hodges:

Is a rural tax specialist with Findex who has some tax tools for farmers to consider when they've been presented with an unexpected bill from the IRD.

Listen below: