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Farmers may be feeling under pressure at the moment but that doesn't mean they can't stay positive, says Bruce Weir.

Rabobank's new GM of Country Banking told The Country's Jamie Mackay that there are still reasons out there why farmers should remain upbeat.

"It's no secret that agriculture and the banking sectors are certainly under a lot more scrutiny than in the past. It is knocking confidence and challenging for both clients and staff" said Weir.


"But when you flip things around and really look at the positive side of things I think there's really a lot to be positive about".

Listen to the full interview below:

"We've got trending record low interest rates ... strong commodity prices, good to see overnight [that] the GDT was up as well and generally favourable on-farm conditions today too".

"So a lot to be positive about. I think you've just got to pick those opportunities, deal with this change head on. Work out what it means to you and find the opportunity".

Also in today's interview: Weir talked about Rabobank's Good Deeds Initiative which you can enter here.