Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay spoke to National's primary industries spokesman Todd Muller and farming academic Dr Jacqueline Rowarth, on why we should celebrate New Zealand agriculture.

On with the show:

Todd Muller:

National's Spokesperson on Agriculture says it's time to call out the deliberate narrative , being fuelled by the Government, that our Ag sector and the 23,000 farms that make it up are climate and environmental villains.


Dr Jacqueline Rowarth:

Is a farming academic who takes one of her former lecturing stablemates at Massey University to task over his recent column in the New York Times which is being described by some as economic treason.

Andy Thompson:

We find a former West Coast cow cocky on the west coast of Japan at the haunting city of Horoshima, as we look back on the atomic bomb that ended WWII and forward to the Rugby World Cup. He also managed to find a dairy farm and, most surprisingly, a sheep farm.

Tom Ruddenklau:

We farewell the departing GM of Volkswagen, and look forward to what the vehicle market could look like in 2030 and whether farmers could be driving electric utes and tractors?

Listen below: