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DairyNZ says it supports a taskforce established by the Government to look into winter grazing practices.

On Wednesday this week Agriculture Minister Damien O'Connor announced he was bringing together a group of vets, industry leaders and officials to identify the issues and bring him some solutions.

Strategy and investment leader, Dr Jenny Jago told The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum that the taskforce would build on the "significant amount of work that's already underway by industry".


The taskforce was formed as a response to animal welfare issues associated with winter grazing practices, an important issue which DairyNZ had been working on for a while said Jago.

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"It's important that we understand what good management practice is and that's being implemented just to make sure that we're managing any risks that are around the environment and animal welfare as you go through the winter".

Jago said DairyNZ had been doing "heaps of work" on this for years and has seen a better understanding from farmers as a result.

Help was available for farmers who rely on winter grazing, and Jago said often it was up to the individual how they tackled it.

"It's all about looking at the risks of your farm and choosing something that's appropriate for you".

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