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Genesis Energy and Farm Source have launched an electricity supply plan tailored specifically for dairy farms.

Fonterra Chief Operating Officer for Global Operations, Robert Spurway told The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum that it is a "great opportunity" for farmers.

"We're really proud of this partnership. It's really all about the fact that milking sheds are central to each farming business, and of course you need electricity to power them."


Listen below:

Most of the time farmers are using electricity "when everyone else is asleep" Spurway added, so the partnership with Genesis Energy was to reward them for their use of off-peak power.

"The great thing about it is that it was designed by dairy farmers and it was developed in collaboration with dairy farmers."

Also in today's interview: Spurway comments on the compliance date for when farmers need to be shared up and looks forward to celebrating World Milk Day on June 1.