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Although DairyNZ welcomes the Government's Zero Carbon Bill, it has set a "very big challenge," says Dr Tim Mackle.

The target of a 10 per cent reduction in methane by 2030 would put pressure on the sector, DairyNZ's chief executive told The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum.

"We'll get on and have a good crack at this, but make no bones about it, it may not sound a lot to the average punter, but it is a big drop for us because it's a tough nut to crack without technology on hand."


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A positive outcome from the Zero Carbon Bill is it has brought scientists and primary industry groups together to try and work out solutions to reducing emissions said Mackle.

"We're having conversations and learning from each other ... so that's a good thing."

The Government's suggestion of reducing methane from 24 to 47 per cent by 2050 is something that DairyNZ does not support said Mackle, although at this stage it is provisional so there was "no need to panic."

"At the same time, we're making it very clear that we don't support that based on the fact that the science doesn't support that ... in fact that's really based on some global scenarios that are not grounded in our context."

Careful planning and collaboration will be needed to reach the target deadlines, even though they are decades away, said Mackle.

"At the end of the day, people say 'oh it's 30 years away,' - but I can remember 1989 pretty clearly actually. It'll come round reasonably quickly."

"We've got to be responsible in the way that we plan this ... we solve this big problem for the globe and at the same time make sure we can feed people with high quality premium food."