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When it comes to converting farm land to forestry, there are more questions to consider than what type of tree to plant and where to plant it says Blake Holgate.

Government policy amendments in climate change would make forestry a more appealing land-use option for some landowners.

Rabobank's Sustainability Analyst told The Country's Jamie Mackay that not only planting, but harvesting should be taken into consideration when making a move to forestry.


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"It's really important farmers get good information before they make those decisions. Once land goes into trees there are some very long term implications ... questions around distance to port, access, topography for harvesting all become really relevant when you're looking at those returns you can get when you do come to harvest."

With that in mind farmers need to make "informed decisions" and look at whether the benefits to their overall business are greater with the land in trees or in its existing use said Holgate.

The philosophy of "the right tree in the right place at the right time," still hold true said Holgate, but farmers have to be careful not to convert too much food production land into forestry.