This week on The Best of The Country, Jamie Mackay caught up with Rabobank's Hawkes Bay-based Horticulture and Wine Analyst Hayden Higgins, for a look at the local and global markets.

This week's top interviews are:

Derek Daniell - Part One:

We talk to one of New Zealand's leading farmers about 'Inconvenient Truths' around climate change and why the blame game is being laid at the feet of New Zealand farmers.


Derek Daniell - Part Two:

In the second part of the interview we ask if the Zero Carbon Bill is shafting our biggest export industry and whether Kiwis are losing control of our major assets.

Listen below:

Winston Peters:

We ask the Deputy PM what China's Belt and Road Initiative means and what it means for world trade, if he claims credit for the demise of CGT and, as a former MP for Tauranga, does he feel sympathy for the incumbent member.

Mike Petersen:

We catch up with New Zealand's Special Agricultural Trade Envoy in Germany to talk China's Belt and Road Initiative, the positive protein fallout from African Swine Fever and Brexit continually kicking the can down the road.

Hayden Higgins:

Rabobank's Hawkes Bay-based Horticulture and Wine Analyst looks at the local harvest and the importance of China and wider Asia to NZ horticulture.

Jim Hopkins:


Is a rural raconteur who takes The Country's host to task over his handling of Winston Peters and he applauds Derek Daniell's take on climate change and the importance of farming to the New Zealand economy.