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Fruit juice and milk may seem like an unlikely combination for Kiwi consumers, but it's a different story in South East Asia.

Fonterra Chief Operating Officer for Global Consumer and Foodservice, Judith Swales told The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum about the co-op's launch of a range of dairy-based fruit juices in the region.

Fonterra has partnered with Coca-Cola and is aiming to capture the rapidly growing dairy beverage market in South East Asia.


"We're launching a new range of dairy-based Nutriboost products," said Swales, who explained the brand is one of Coca-Cola's most recognised in the region.

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Nutriboost is a combination of milk and fruit juice in a ready-to-drink product said Swales.

Fonterra also has plans to introduce other ready-to-drink dairy beverages this year under the Anchor brand.

"This has the potential to be a real win-win," said Swales.

"With Coca-Cola we'll be delivering innovative products for consumers, and ultimately learning from them as we explore more opportunities for the co-op".