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Anna Yates is keen on a career in agriculture, even though she hasn't got a farming background.

This fact hasn't daunted the Cashmere High School student who is attending the inaugural Rabobank FoodX programme taking place this week in Canterbury.

Yates told The Country's Jamie Mackay she is "loving" the programme and plans to study a Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing at Lincoln University.


Yates' love of agriculture came from her parents' interest in farming documentaries.

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"They were like, this is a growing industry. You should have a look at this, and then I went to my careers advisor and she told me about Lincoln University, and I've kind of geeked over it since then."

Although Yates hasn't done any farming she said she is keen to get her hands dirty.

"I'd like to get out there and do some practical work."

The FoodX programme was developed to introduce high school students to career paths in the food production supply chain.

The four-day program, which is run in conjunction with Lincoln University and NZ Young farmers, kicked off on Monday 15 April and is being attended by 30 year 12 and 13 students from a dozen different urban Canterbury high schools.

The students are being accommodated at Lincoln University during the programme and will participate in a four-day event which will expose them to animals, food production, food marketing, agribusiness and science.