New Zealand's trade partnership with China has its ups and downs like any relationship says Conor English.

The CEO of Agribusiness NZ told The Country's Jamie Mackay that although New Zealand's dealings with China are currently tense, he believes "it'll pass."

English has exported milk, meat, live cattle and embryos to China. He said the process can be complex, but no more than other countries.

"You've got to comply with the law. They are very strict on all the documentation side of things."


Listen below:

"One of the challenges of China is that regulations can change ... there's sort of zero tolerance for error ... but that's the same going into Europe, or going to the States, and [it's] similar to people sending stuff to New Zealand."

English says China's economy shows no sign of slowing down, even though growth numbers are declining.

"There's still plenty of growth in China. It's a very big market, there's a heck of a lot of opportunity there, there's a lot of wealth there."

"China is our biggest trading partner, because there is a whole lot of people who want to buy [our products] there and I think that is absolutely going to continue."

Also in today's interview: English talks about how Agribusiness NZ is trading around the world, and gives an update on his older brother (and former Prime Minister), Bill English.