Mycoplasma bovis work continues nationwide, and the recent bulk milk testing results have been encouraging for farmers.

The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum caught up with DairyNZ General Manager for Farm Performance Vanessa Winning for a chat about the latest on Mycoplasma bovis.

"We're expecting all of the North Island, South Island bulk milk testing to be finished in December ... so far only three properties have come through [with M. bovis] in that tracing programme."

Listen below:

The DairyNZ/Beef + Lamb Compensation Assistance Team (DBCAT) is up and running for farmers affected by M Bovis.


"They're really out there to look after farmers and help them with their compensation claims through MPI."

Many farmers will now be buying, selling, and/or moving weaned calves to grazing. Winning says stock movements are the highest risk for spreading M. bovis, but there are steps farmers can take to help protect their animals.

Find out more information in the Mycoplasma bovis section of DairyNZ's website here.