It has been a year since Fonterra launched its first Open Gates, a day where dairy farmers welcome the general public on to their properties to let people get a better idea about life on the farm.

"Based on the feedback we got from the public and our farmers involved we've decided to run it again," says Fonterra Head of Farm Source for the Bay of Plenty, Lisa Payne.

Payne spoke to The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum about what people can expect from this year's Open Gates which is taking place on November 11.

"They can see exactly what farmers do, looking after their cows, looking after the environment and how the farm works. So it's a really good opportunity just to see the real stuff."


Listen below:

Find out more about Open Gates 2018 here.

Another incentive for people to take part in Open Gates is "we give them the chance to taste some of the amazing food that our co-op farmers produce," says Payne.

On the subject of food, Payne reveals that October is New Zealand Cheese Month and encourages people to enter Fonterra's cheese toastie competition on their Facebook page.

Also in today's interview: Lisa Payne talks about Fonterra's Sustainability Advisory Panel set up to provide independent advice to make sure the co-op stays on track with sustainability promises.