Mycoplasma bovis is keeping DairyNZ chief executive Dr Tim Mackle busy but he says it's not just the industry that is working over time to contain the spread of the cattle disease.

"Everyone's working hard on it and it's tiring for many but at the same time we've got to work together to get on top of this."

Mackle spoke to The Country's Jamie Mackay about M. bovis and some stategies to combat the disease, especially with Moving Day coming up.

"It's something we haven't had to deal with at this scale before."


Mackle encourages farmers to check out DairyNZ's website for more information and to be vigilant with NAIT records.

Also in today's interview: Dr Tim Mackle talks to Jamie about the GDT auction and whether trucking companies "up to speed," for Moving Day.

Listen below: