Have you ever listened to The Country and found yourself yearning to know more about the person Jamie Mackay is interviewing? No? Well too bad - we've created a questionnaire for our guests to find out what makes them tick.

So here is everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about Jeremy Rookes.

What do you do?

We own 465ha running 2200 ewes, 600 hoggets, 100 cows plus a few heifers. I also scan a few sheep in the winter to help pay the school fees!


Where do you do it?

I farm at Flemington which is 22km SE of Waipukurau.

What's the best part of rural life?

The constant challenge of climate and price keeps the mind pretty sharp. Actions equal consequence and that is the trick. I love the freedom that farming gives you - if you are organised you can really enjoy the perks of self-employment which is plenty of time off to enjoy family and friends.

What's the worst part of rural life?

The worst part of rural life is the disappointment of a bad season, but you box on. Also, in my opinion, the ignorance of Government and Regional Councils in setting pretty dramatic and unproven legislation and regulation is quite astonishing. The lack of a "together and learn as we go " approach really makes my blood boil. Farmers are incredibly smart at working things out.

What are your hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future of New Zealand agriculture?

I hope that the powers that be don't regulate us out of profitability and realise that we are good responsible custodians. I hope that we can get consistently rewarded financially for our outstanding produce in all fields. I hope that at some point we can win over the ignorance of the media and (in my opinion), extremists organisations such as Forest and Bird and Greenpeace. Collaboration rather than confrontation could make us even greater.


Rosé or beer?

Rosé and Beer should be enjoyed together. 7 quick Heinekens to take the edge off the thirst , then a nice bottle of Rosé.

BBQ or Roast?


You can get rid of one pest – which one do you choose?
a) Rabbits
b) Possums
c) Jamie Mackay

Pests to get rid of? - possums to be fair.

What's your go-to karaoke song?

I absolutely hate karaoke

What's something not many people know about you?

I have strawberry blond hair, am 6ft 4, I enjoy movies and long walks on the beach. I also own every Lloyd Cole album, he is my favourite musician.