New milk cooling regulations come into effect on June 1 2018, but what does this mean for farmers?

DeLaval's National Sales Manager Chris Watkins told The Country Early Edition, from June, all farmers must chill milk to 6°C within six hours of starting milking, or to 6°C within two hours of completion of milking.

Watkins says everyone's under the pump as suppliers and installation crews already have a couple of months lead time, so it's concerning that so many farms haven't addressed their compliance issues yet.

He says the new regulations aren't all bad news - if farmers make the right changes, they could be looking at significant energy efficiency gains and power savings.


Watkins is urging farmers to prioritise getting their milk cooling set-up assessed, as potentially having to dump milk could get very expensive, very quickly.

His advice to farmers is pretty simple – talk to the experts, get some really robust advice, and get it as soon as possible.

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