On The Country Jamie Mackay is trying to add some balance to a what farmers are saying was a very unbalanced Sunday television show called The Price of Milk?

Today he had a chat to Dairy Chair of Federated Farmers Andrew Hoggard and Waikato-based farm management consultant John Dawson for their views on the TVNZ1 show.

Hoggard found the show "frustrating" as he was expecting to see farmers' "heartfelt" reactions to criticism levelled at them in the media. Instead Andrew says he saw two farms being unfairly compared to each other which he believes would have created an unbalanced view for those not accustomed to farming.

John Dawson has a lot of clients on the Hauraki Plains where Gavin "Flinty" Flint's farm was filmed in the documentary. He says Flint's farm is not typical and there was a lack of "penetrating" questions for the farm that Flint's was compared to.