It's the whole show in one go! Today The Country is all about St Patrick's Day to be sure, to be sure.

On with the show: Lisa Murray: Our Met Service forecaster adds an Irish lilt to kick off our St Patrick's Day show.

Ian Handcock: We head to Bulls where Isaac Cook is attempting to set a world record milking 4000 cows in 12 hours!

Jeremy Rookes and Jason Uden: Today's panel ponders a river with rights and whether a murderer has 'rug' rights.


Craig Wiggins and Tim Myers: We talk fencing and tractor sales. The action continues on day two of the Central Districts Field Days.

Jim Paterson: The former president of the New Zealand Federation of Wool Merchants reviews a market that has taken a breather after recent gains.

Peter Reidie: We track down the chief executive of Farmlands at the Central Districts Field Days.

Grant Nisbett: This week's $100 TAB sports bet of the week sees us backing the Crusaders (unders) over the Blues.

Barry Soper: Our political correspondent also ponders the rights of rivers and rugs.