Jamie Mackay had a chat to Ryan MacArthur, a student at Lincoln University where he's a 4th Year future leader scholar, among other things.

MacArthur emailed Jamie because he wanted to let everyone know about his student volunteer group the Handy Landys who do good deeds for rural Canterbury.

The continuing dairy downturn, along with the constant drought got MacArthur and his friends thinking.

How could they lend a hand to those struggling in the rural community in Canterbury?


Thus the Handy Landys were born and today the students head out on farm and help where they can.

Some examples of the work they're doing is sorting walnuts, fencing and tree planting. Not to mention fence painting and heifer wrangling.

Ryan says it's as much for the students themselves as it is for the people they're helping.

The Handy Landys' barbecue at the end of each job has been a great way to get to know farmers and have a chat about what's happening in their world.

If you'd like to learn more about this initiative you can check out their website here.

The Handy Landys are also on Facebook.

Have a listen to the full interview in the Soundcloud embed below: