Comment: There are two upcoming opportunities for farmers to mark their achievements and share them on the national stage, writes Federated Farmers Arable Industry Advisor Philippa Rawlinson.

It is not bragging if it is true.

From the modern day super heroes that make craft beers possible, make new types of grain bread accessible to you outside of the poshest of super markets and then up your salads from the standard green to something more tasty – we now have an occasion to celebrate arable farmers and the work they do for you in the wider community.

Our industry is facing some challenges – some new and some old – and people are working through them with initiative.


We've had times when we've been close to the perfect harvest, but the stars never quite seem to align.

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In fact for some growers, the last three harvests in particular have not quite delivered and, despite of rising grain prices, there is a feeling of angst amongst growers.

Add to this changing district, regional and national government legislation and some unrealistic timeframes to comply with those changes.

But we need to make time to celebrate the success we are having – even for the traditionally shy Arable farmers.

They have plenty of reasons to celebrate and be proud of their achievements. There are two upcoming opportunities for farmers to mark their achievements and share them on the national stage.

The first is the United Wheatgrowers and Ruralco Wheat Awards which are being held in Methven on June 5.

Farmers are encouraged to submit their entries of milling wheat, feed wheat, milling gristing wheat, feed wheat or biscuit wheat to Ruralco.


We encourage all growers to give it a crack.

The second is the Federated Farmers Arable Industry Group Awards being held in conjunction with the industry groups cocktail function on Tuesday July 2 in Wellington.

Federated Farmers invites nominations from industry and growers for the Arable Farmer/Advocate of the Year, Biosecurity Farmer of the Year, Seedgrower of the Year, Maize Grower of the Year and Wheat Grower of the Year.

The awards are about recognising the people in the industry who are making a contribution to the arable industry and celebrating this valuable input.