THE newly sealed Portal St is disintegrating on the corner with the double yellow lines near the bottom. I have an idea for funding repairs by virtue of the double yellow lines.

WDC could do a 50:50 deal with the police, who could locate a hidden camera just round the double-yellow-line corner. The 40 per cent plus of drivers who habitually cross the double yellow lines going up the hill could then shell out on a careless driving ticket.

This would be a short-term earner, as most people learn quite quickly when the back pocket is affected.



Peril of overpopulation

First, a warm "thank you" to the high school students who are fighting global warming.
Alas, the environmental news is getting grimmer by the day.

Planet Earth is beset by converging evils, from forest destruction to rising sea levels — all caused by one species, Homo sapiens. Yes, it is us — nearly all of us.

Now I want to mention one of the worst threats of them all — overpopulation. Our children will inherit a world which is expected to feed and clothe some 14 billion people, many of whom will be trudging the planet to find what they need amidst smog and traffic jams.

So — how to contain our numbers? The usual answer is "Educate the women".
Really? Men may brag about their six or eight children but the women are still expected to feed them.

I found it interesting to read that one African country (the one with a female president!) adopted a policy whereby only the first two children would get state help with housing, health care and education, while further offspring would be the responsibility of the parents only.

Contraception (vasectomy!) will be made available at no cost.

People who think that this policy is too harsh should consider how nature does it.
Creatures have numbers of offspring according to the dangers they face; the surplus ends up in the food chain, which produces the very harsh "balance of nature", where all hope to find the food they need.


Since people have doctors and medications our death rate has diminished, but our food needs have increased. We have to step in, and if we fail to do so hunger and devastation will engulf the land.

This is what is happening right now.

The issue is not only climate change; it is people, people and more people. We are breeding ourselves to death.

The good thing is that there is plenty of real work to do, instead of wasting our time on mindless electronics and mechanical rubbish. The high school kids are showing us the way. Restoring the planet to good health is a glorious task.


Logic lost over cannabis law

The laws against cannabis have been a spectacular failure, yet people regularly argue in support of the present law by citing road crashes involving cannabis-affected drivers.
Since such crashes occur in spite of the present law, they cannot be an argument for maintaining the present law; no one argues for a ban on alcohol, because of the failure of its prohibition in America.

Yet when anyone attempts to apply the same logic to cannabis, primitive emotions take over, as evinced by Michael Hosking's performance in his Newstalk ZB with Green MP Chloe Swarbrick.

Like so many people, Hosking showed no evidence that he even understands what the law is supposed to do. It exists to modify or restrain human behaviour; it is not an expression of public disapproval. That's why we don't have laws against greed or adultery — everyone knows they wouldn't work.

If the Greek playwright Aristophanes were alive today, he might remark that, on the subject of cannabis, Hosking seems no more able to be taught to think than a crab can be taught to walk straight.


Time to lead by example

I would be interested to know how much is spent annually on ex-MPs' free external air travel.

While worthy charities struggle for funding, even St John ambulance, it is iniquitous that retired MPs, who are mostly on well above-average incomes and own two or more houses, should receive this bonus. Air travel is a massive polluter, which should give greater impetus to have this policy reviewed.

As it is unlikely that present MPs will vote for change, a referendum should be held.
Those of us over 60 years old have been, on the whole, extremely privileged and responsible for much of the global warming with profligate lifestyles.

Sacrifices need to be made now, and leaders, past and present, must lead by example.


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