A Pirongia local has stepped up to get the Pirongia Te Aroaro o Kahu Restoration Society Envirocentre project completed but he needs some extra hands.

Eight years ago the society resited a heritage building onto Rangimarie Reserve with a purpose to use the space to provide programmes, workshops and hands-on opportunities for environmental protection and developing sustainability skills.

But they have still not been able to open the space due to upgrades needing to be undertaken on the building.

A year or so ago, Rob Grahame, owner of Frontier Scaffolding, took his daughter to the reserve to ride her bike.


While they were there Rob met some of the society members outside the Envirocentre and had a conversation about what was holding the project up, which is to get the roof re-screwed and painted.

"I was talking to them about it and I just said well I'm a part of the community and my daughter goes to school here so I wouldn't mind helping out," says Rob.

Rob has put up the scaffolding around the building free of charge, a service that would usually cost up to $4000, but furthermore has taken it upon him to acquire the right trade's people for certain jobs.

"He has given us scaffolding for free to help get the roof painted, but he hasn't stopped there. Now he is on a mission to make sure the job is completed. This is truly community in action and we are blown away by his input," says Pirongia Te Aroaro o Kahu Restoration Society chairwoman Clare St Pierre.

"I've sort of become the project manager," says Rob.

Rob has been able to sort a roof painter, who has also offered their services at no cost, and 360 Site Fencing came and installed a fence so that children wouldn't be able to climb all over the scaffolding.

Before the roof can be painted though Rob says they need someone who can come and clean it and re-screw it.

"It's a community thing and I want to help out, that's why I'm trying to get these trades on board," says Rob.


"They've (the society) been struggling to get it finished so I think if a few people just band together than we might be able to get it done for them, it'll be good for the community."

If you are able to help out with the project, contact Rob on 027 921 4866 or at rob@frontierscaffolding.co.nz.