Former Te Awamutu resident Arlen Reece, also known as Grommie, is thrilled to be named in the line-up for Waiohika Warmup, the pre-party for Rhythm and Vines 2020.

Arlen grew up in Te Awamutu before moving to Auckland where she pursued a career in modelling and as an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) DJ.

"Honestly, I couldn't believe it. I screamed like a little girl, like I do for most events I get asked to do because every time it just feels surreal. It's very exciting and a great opportunity to showcase myself - and for the future," said Arlen.

Although only DJing for two years, she has been around music her whole life. Her mother is a DJ known as Audio-Junkie.


"My mum is my inspiration. She is also a DJ and really showed me what it's all about. She told me I could do anything I put my mind to, so I decided to follow my passion," says Arlen.

"I generally play quite a speciality style; it all comes under electronic music. Anything that makes you dance, feel good and is bass-oriented or very soulful. I also love fusion styles, incorporating real instruments into the electronic."

Arlen has had many highlights already in her career and has even played with several of her favourite international artists.

"People I thought I'd never even see play, I actually got to play on the same stage with - an indescribable feeling.

"I have also been lucky enough to reach my goal of playing one of Auckland's bigger venues, Studio The Venue, and have gigs booked there again soon. "

In the future, Arlen hopes to play at all the big festivals around the world such as EDC and Lost Lands in the United States.

"Eventually I want to run my own events, to create an amazing atmosphere for music lovers alike," says Arlen.

"If you love something, just go for it. Work hard and, most of all, believe in yourself."


The Waiohika Warmup takes place on December 28 and is exclusive to R&V onsite campers only. There are three stages - Greenhouse Stage, Garden Stage and Cellar Stage set up for approximately 14,500 campers.

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