Te Awamutu RDA Group, Riding for the Disabled, held its second annual open day fundraiser on Sunday, July 12.

Although the weather wasn't the best people still came along to show their support for the event, much to the group's amazement.

Once again the event was a resounding success for RDA.

There were about nine horses giving rides. The riders were taken through a course bending around barrels, walking over poles and cavaletti's as well as change of direction.


The pony rides had variety, not just for the riders but also for the horses. It wasn't just going around repeatedly in a loop.

Two miniature ponies were brought in for the public to pat and to enjoy their delightful size and cuteness.

A sausage sizzle was also on site along with hot and cold refreshments.

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Children aged between 1 and 18 attended, all with much excitement on their faces.

"I'm pleased to say there weren't too many tears. Also to see the sheer enjoyment of families seeing their children on a horse, from which many photos were taken," said Te Awamutu RDA Group coach and manager Rosalie Rea.

"Our volunteers and horses dealt with approximately 180 rides throughout the day."

The funds raised from the event will go towards the upkeep and maintenance required for the RDA horses.

"The feedback from those who attended has been very positive and gratifying. It's good to hear that they are hoping that we do another open day, which we will do again next year.

"I would like to thank everyone involved on the day, the wonderful Te Awamutu RDA volunteer team and the friends who brought in extra horses. Wayne, Michelle and co, the Latte Lady Jaqui, Miniature Ponies owner Renee Kelly and to you our Te Awamutu community - as without you and your generous support, days like Sunday do not come together."

RDA Te Awamutu officially starts again for Term 3 on Tuesday, July 21 and Thursday, July 23 for their excited clients and volunteers.


They hope for fine weather on those days as it will be five months since last running RDA for their clients.

Te Awamutu RDA will hold their second trek sometime in late October. This event was postponed due to Covid-19.

For further information on the trek, please ring Sheryl on 027 835 0093