A new tool has been rolled out by Waipā District Council as part of its focus on keeping the community informed and engaged.

The free mobile app Antenno sends updates about topics like rates reminders, recycling collection, dog registration, community events and more.

Council's strategy and community services group manager Debbie Lascelles says downloading Antenno would allow residents to connect with council and stay up to date with topics and places around the district.

"Whether you're new to Waipā or have lived here for many years, we encourage you to download the app as this is the most immediate way of getting notifications," she says.


Residents can choose to receive alerts about where they live, work, send their children to school, or any other important place. Antenno will send notifications when something relevant to the user's chosen locations arises.

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"You can also opt out of receiving types of topics, at any or all of your places, so you'll only get posts that are relevant and personal to you," says Debbie.

The app can also be used to report issues and submit feedback to council's customer support team.

"If you see graffiti, find a pothole, or spot a street light that's gone out, you can report it quickly and easily using the app. If you've taken a photo, you can add that to your report as well."

Debbie says the app was a great way for council to make itself available to the public.

"Antenno has given us another valuable tool in reaching people quickly and accurately. We want to make it simple for residents to send us important information, and for people to receive information from us."

Antenno is freely available on Apple and Android smartphones and can be installed from the App Store or Google Play. No personal information or login details are required.